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Hands Dream

It feels like yesterday this was just a dream, four friends and I were the only members of the team. No name figured out just an idea to change the planet, we sat around amazed trying to figure out how to handle it. Step by step we executed the plan, somewhere along the road we got the name HANDS. No wall could stop us

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Hands Team Call

We are the HANDS TEAM, this is not a dream. This is a movement, a world wide improvement. Reaching out our HANDS, across all the lands, Uniting everyone with Unity Bands. A global opportunity of  a lifetime, a mission to end poverty and stop all crime. Get drugs and crime off the streets, we will never accept defeat. This is not a job it’s a

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H.A.N.D.S , can we help kids dress for success?

  Welcome back, or maybe it’s your first time here and if that is the case glad to have you here! Today my lil brother had brought home a basket of clothes that were your designer type clothing. Every article was nearly folded in the basket sitting in the kitchen, when I asked him why they were in the kitchen he said “they are

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You can do it! Herb brav dedication…..

  I know a man, but this man is like no man you have ever met before. This man has not seen one day, minute or second in the dark. He always looks to the light even on the darkest situation. A true inspiration,one that I wish the world would know about. I know any person who has met Mr. Herb Brav. When I

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Thank you, a forgotten word?

It was a hot day at the armory, acu uniform slightly dampened from the continuous flow of perspiration coming from my body. They have me running around pretty much just helping anyone that needed help. I will never forget it, I’m helping this officer of the military (won’t put a name to) move his things into his office, he just got out of school

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Here is our non profit! How is it different from most non profits?

Hello everyone and thanks again for visiting our non profit organization Helping All In Need Donation Services! With todays corrupt world and the media skewing our perception on what really is important (our non profit believes in helping all in need) you also notice more humanitarians stepping up to the plate and trying to make a difference. I have noticed all over the place

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