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DJ Smoov and Family Support The Cause

Helping All In Need Donation Services wanted to take a minute and say thank you to DJ Smoov and his family for helping us in our fight to change the world and Unite everyone in peace with a Unity Band. DJ Smoov and his family have donated well over 100$ and have helped spread the word to many. Its good people like this that

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iPhonics, Aaron Lafette, Britni Elise - Thanks for your support!

The HANDS Team tailgated in the Muni Lot at Browns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio on October 2nd, 2011. We set a table, and started the tailgating fun. We started bright and early, at about 8am (give or take an hour haha). At about 11am, we heard noise coming from across the parking lot. Curiously, we drifted toward the sweet sound of loud pumping music.

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Hands Dream

It feels like yesterday this was just a dream, four friends and I were the only members of the team. No name figured out just an idea to change the planet, we sat around amazed trying to figure out how to handle it. Step by step we executed the plan, somewhere along the road we got the name HANDS. No wall could stop us

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This is HANDS

Helping all in need donation services; who are they? Some of you out there may be asking this same question, and as a founder of this organization I hope to clear it up in this blog. Founders Brandon Brown, Matthew Blosser, and brothers Christopher and Anthony Paulino have been long time friends. From growing up playing EBA basketball, to riding bikes around the neighborhoods

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The Unity Band

The Unity Band is not just your ordinary band. Its a positive message, its a belief in something better, its a bond between you and a loving soldier. The vision of Helping All In Need Donation Services with the Unity Band is to bond everyone in Unity. Now some may ask, what do you mean? Well everyone what we mean is here at Hands

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