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Liked 1207 times.Purchased 3 times.Neon Orange Unity Band

Neon Orange Unity Band with Neon Orange Center Cord, and Neon Orange Inner/Outer Woven Cords.

This band signifies the unity that must be achieved in order to bring peace to our world. The cord running down the middle symbolizes our Earth, where we all live and protect. The cord woven around resembles the people uniting in order to bring positive change. The Red Button is so we never forget the ones who have lost their lives in the fight for world peace. This bracelet is more than just rope; its a bond uniting the people as one positive peaceful movement.

What is a Unity Band?? A Unity Band is a para cord aka 550 cord bracelet. Made with nylon parachute cord these bracelets are worn by our military members. Para cord being able to hold 550 lbs of pressure it makes for the perfect outdoor/survival tool. Soldiers wear them just incase they ever need rope for anything (which is quite often). But not only is it a para cord bracelet but it’s a sign of Unity. A sign that people all over the world agree in world peace and unity. Now that’s a good thing! Peace and Love thanks for your support. We are happy to change the world with you, please spread the word to keep bringing positive change.

Cordially Yours,


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Since our Unity Bands are made out of 100% American made parachute cord, they are very easy to take care of. Being made out of nylon 550 paracord, means our unity bands will not mold, mildew, or break. You can wear your unity band while hiking, running, surfing a killer wave, playing x-box live or even while shredding down a killer mountain, so you never have to take it off.

To clean your unity band after all of your adventures all you need to do is throw it in with a load of laundry, and let it air dry. DO NOT throw it in the dryer or it will shrink. Yes it is that easy, safe adventures world changers!

Unity Bands are 100% Hand made by the founders and volunteers of the HANDS Team. Please give us 7-14 days to hand braid your Unity Bands and get them mailed out.

No need to get antsy though we are usually able to hand make your Unity Band and get it to you within 3-5 business days, so you can be changing the world in no time!

Since parachute cord is able to hold up to 550 lbs the HANDS Team will guarantee that your Unity Band will never break or fall apart. If your Unity Band does break or unravel  (unless you need to use the rope for an emergency) then all you have to do is contact us and we will get your new Unity Band out to you.

*If you do use your Unity Band for a survival purpose, please send us the used band and your story and we will replace your Unity Bands for free!

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