Multi-Cam Soldier Support Unity Band

Support A Soldier Unity Band with OD Green Center Cord, and Multi-Cam Inner/Outer Woven Cords with a Yellow Support Our Troops Ribbon Woven In.

This bracelet signifies the unity that must be achieved in order to bring our troops home safe. The cord running down the middle symbolizes our Nation, whom our soldiers protect. The cord woven around resembles the everlasting bond between our brave soldiers overseas and their loved ones back home. The Red Button is so we never forget the brave men and women who have shed their blood for our country and those fighting for the good of generations to come. This bracelet is more than just rope, it is a bond between you and a loving soldier.


We are happy to change the world with you, please spread the word to keep bringing positive change.

Cordially Yours,



*The yellow ribbon can also represent these other causes.