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3rd HANDS Raffle for Charity

We are happy to announce the 3rd HANDS Raffle for Charity. This time around we wanted to take our raffle to the next level of awesomeness. Which means we had to up the stakes on the prize. Hands Team voted and the results rang clear. The winner of the 3rd HANDS Raffle for Charity will receive a 46″ 1080p Flat Screen HDTV with a

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IPad give away! Helping all in need donation services on twitter and facebook

Helping All In Need Donation Services, who are you? We at Helping All Needs are just a bunch of guys that like to help people out! Our non profit organization is set up to help the general public, better our community and eventually the world! The five co founders of this non profit believe in making a change and giving back to humanity in

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