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Machine Gun Kelly Supports the Hands Team

HANDS linked up with TrakBlazas at the MGK show in Kent, OH on August 27th, 2011 to throw one of the best concerts I’ve been to. MGK brings the rocker style to a hip hop concert and I love it. He keeps the crowd energized and is just as crazy as his fans. To give you an idea of his fans that night here is a tweet from MGK,

“A girl broke her nose, tits were everywhere, a dude broke his foot, I signed a busted head and I was offered a 5some…Kent = winner!! #LTFU”.

I was the busted head hahaha. Other then just an exciting night it was also a very productive one. Hands Team had a table set up to sell Unity Bands and raise money for the soldiers. (Thanks TrakBlazas, they got us the table). After a good night of raising about $300 towards the cause, we pack up to enjoy the headliner MGK. From the very first song people were raging out of control. Bodies were packed on top of each other. People were crowd surfing, as well as MGK, and MGK yelled at the security for trying to remove one of his fans for raging too hard.
That fan happened to be my brother and Co-Founder of Helping All In Need Donation Services. I hope you were there, because it was a very eventful night.

After the concert was over MGK and the whole EST crew stayed to sign autographs. It just so happens, that we got their whole crew laced up with a Unity Band. We told them what they stood for and how 100% of the proceeds send care packages to soldiers over seas and they loved the cause. MGK even gave us a special shoutout becuase his brother was messed up from being deployed overseas.

Needless to say, we went home that night excited and on top of the world. The next day Machine Gun Kelly had a show in LA and goes to the video music awards, and guess what he has on his wrist. A Unity Band! Let me tell you that was one of the most exciting days of my life. Seeing our Unity Band to support the soldiers on a star like MGK, especially on the ever fashionable red carpet. After seeing this act of support by MGK, the Hands Team decided to make him a tribute video which is in this blog post. With growing support like this Hands will change this world one piece at a time.

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