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Primanti Brothers Extravaganza

After delivering the 47″ HD Vizio television to Jeanie in Pittsburg, PA; Hands Team members Justin Mcdaniels, Christopher Paulino, and Anthony Paulino decided to pull over for some food. Not knowing what we were getting into we decided to go to Primanti Brothers, and can we all agree that this places food is outstanding to say the least! Greeted by an awesome hostess and a welcoming feeling that only Primanti Bros Restaurant could provide, the Hands Team agrees that the experience was great. Once we sat at the bar we were quickly greeted by our new friend Joni whom we struck up conversation about our Unity Bands. Moments later, Joni is getting everyone in the restaurant fitted with a Unity Band! Anthony Paulino ordered the roast beef sandwich that was recommended by Joni. “That was one of the best sandwiches I have ever had” said Anthony Paulino. The succulent roast beef with the french fries on top makes for a delicious and unique taste. Primanti Bros really has provided a standard for sandwiches. The Hands Team had a wonderful time hanging out with all of the World Changing employees that Primanti Bros restaurant currently employs. Raising over $85 dollars worth of donations in the 20 minutes that we were in Primanti Bros, it really shows us the character of everyone from the hostesses to the cooks. Life always gives us pleasant surprises and its always awesome when we can walk into an establishment and be treated like real people. We would highly recommend everything about Primanti Bros restaurant, the food, the service, the building, everything was great! Thanks again everyone for your support. Without great people like you all we could not do anything in our fight to make a difference!


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