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Supporting the Norris Family

Back in October 2011, the Hands Team had a table up at the University of Akron Student Union. Right before we started working that event, one of our Hands Team member’s (Dane Hammer) brother asked if there was anyway we could help a military veteran (James Norris) that was recently diagnosed with Melanoma Skin Cancer. As you may already know, the Hands Team loves to help people in need, especially people with cancer. We decided it was a great idea to dedicate our time up at the Akron University Student Union to James Norris and we wanted to raise as much money as possible to give to James and his family to help pay the enormous medical bills that come with this terrible disease. And since James had served in the military, including deployments in Iraq, it seemed right up our alley to reach out and help.

During the 4 days we were working up at the Akron University Student Union, we managed to raise a staggering $1400. Although we managed to help raise so much money, it just so happens James Norris passed away during our fund raising efforts. But we were happy to present a check for the amount of $1,406.00 to James’ wife, April Norris, to help pay some of the Norris Family’s bills on December 6th, 2011. Enjoy the photos and video below:

The Norris Family Photo

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We have also just acquired a new family to help, one that is struggling because of Colon Cancer. We will of course post their story very soon.


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