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5k Run for the Paws Follow Up

We did it! We held our first charity 5k Run for the Paws to help the Stark County Humane Society. There were 78 pre-registered runners and an extra 11 Runners showed up the day of the event, to raise over $1,300 for animals in need. (June 2, 2012)

Thanks to all who helped us setup our charity run and also a big thanks to the runners who participated. We had such a good time preparing and throwing this event and we hope that you all did too. Next year, we are upping the stakes and are going to make the run bigger and better in order to raise more money for these animals.

After the run was said and done over $1300 was raised. We then bought Stark Humane animal and cleaning products, such as; dog food, cat food, glass cleaner, laundry detergent, dish soap, wet cat food. These are the products that each animal shelter goes through on a daily basis, taking care of all the homeless animals.

We have made a video to sum up our experience with the 5k Run for the Paws and when we delivered the products to Stark Humane. Please enjoy.

Visit the Stark County Humane Society and Adopt a Pet Today!


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