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Don’t Panic, It Will All Be Good

The waves of chaos that are ever enveloping us are growing. Steadily, surely, they are growing. So too, though it may be painful, are the people of the planet growing. A renisance of consciousness is sweeping through the world, and as the chaos steadily mounts, so too will the peoples souls be lifted up into a new state of being. More and more every day are realizing that they are existing in a dreamworld and that they do not quite agree with what they have been told to dream about any more.

The nightmares of the human collective and the planet herself are quickly coming to an end, and the parasitic beings (I am speaking of thoughtforms here, not humans) that have latched onto us for so long and manipulated us, the human populous, are losing their grips.

We are all starting to learn who and what we really are.

And our energy is being directed towards more positive ends, right now, in this very minute.

That is not to say that things wont get a bit chaotic - especially for us folks living in the good ol’ US of A. As a collective (not casting any blame on anyone in particular, I still have my destructive habits I hold on to that dont help anyone) we, the people, have been sort of meandering about without regard to the greater consequences of what was transpiring due to our wonderful western lifestyle. The green paper didnt seem like blood money and some of the people in charge seemed to have our best interests in mind, even if they went about things in a sort of silly manner. Well, the cat’s out of the bag now and we, the people, are going to have to do some collective shadow work. That means being put through situations that will make us feel uncomfortable and having to stare our darksides in the eyes.

In the end, it will all be worth it. Its sort of like this - the body builds up toxicity from the western diet (Standard American Diet, referred to as SAD by a good portion of the ever witty health food community) processed junk food that tastes good but in the end the reason it tastes good is because of chemicals that excite your taste buds and make neurons fizzle out and die. To detoxify, some people fast. Fasting makes you feel better in the long run, but it can be a bit intense while one goes through it. As the body begins to purge toxins, they are brought to the surface to be ejected from the system. Basically, it involves lots of body discomfort and unease as things are brought up from deep below.

In the end, people generally feel fantastic, clean and spiritually refreshed after a fast. So too will we as the American populous - and the world - when all the dust settles. But we have some detoxification to go through.

A practical suggestion - Get to know your local community. Help out. Come together. It just takes one person to inspire another person, then you have two people. Two turns to four, four to eight. Plant Gardens. Help the homeless. Take care of each other. In the end, community is what will get us through this storm.

On another end, slowly but surely, the scientific community is beginning to wake up to the fact that big things are afoot. Lots of discoveries are being made ~ and being reported - that are seeming to piece together the big questions, as well as giving us some avenues for new technological growth. Finally, the lines between science and spirituality are blurring.

Magically, people dont have to look that hard to find crazy, growth oriented things to study and learn about. As more and more people trod down the path of conscious evolution, it becomes easier for those who were not on the bandwagon to join in. The more who blaze the trail, the easier and safer the trail is to walk upon. We are building a golden age from the ground up. From the inside out. Together, right now.

It is a pleasure co-existing with you all. Lookin forward to further exploring the links that tie both us and the entire cosmos together with you all!


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