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World Changers Start Young In Connecticut

Shortly before Christmas, HANDS Team was contacted by a 5th grade teacher, Jenn Harnett, from James Morris School in Morris, Connecticut. She told us her parents picked up some Unity Bands at a local Akron mall (Chapel Hill Mall in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio), while passing through Ohio. Jenn loved the idea that our Unity Bands represent. She then ordered 32 of our Soldier Support Unity Bands, one for each student in her class.

Jenn’s students are already big supporters of our troops. They discussed ways to help soldiers overseas during class. They even send letters and goodies to deployed soldiers that are from their local community.

Because of the holiday chaos and delays with the post office, Jenn contacted us to let us know that she never received her order of 32 Unity Bands. HANDS Team assumed that they were somehow lost in the mail and immediately made 32 more bands and overnight shipped them. Jenn later contacted us to let us know that not only did she receive the overnighted package, but she also received the first order that we thought was lost in the mail system. Jenn and her students even took the time out of their day to sell the extra order of Unity Bands during the school lunch period, raising an extra $101 for care packages for soldiers.

It’s people like Jenn Harnett and her wonderful 5th grade class that are true HANDS Team members. HANDS Team members create positive influence in the world to make it a better place. HANDS Team members are making the change in the world that we all wish to see. So, we SALUTE you Jenn Harnett and her 5th grade class as this months honorary HANDS Team members!

If you are interested in purchasing one of the Soldier Support Unity Bands that were used to fund-raise for the troops, click on the photo below:


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