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Am I Crazy?

I always hear people say that “Talking to yourself is the first sign of a crazy person.” Have you ever heard that saying before? Im sure you have, and to me it really doesn’t make too much sense. Personally I think that everyone talks to their self through out the day more then anyone else, and I don’t think it makes you crazy. I would say that “talking to yourself” throughout the day can be the biggest negative or positive thing in ones life.

I believe that each individual is made up of their own thoughts and by “talking to yourself” aka affirming your thoughts into reality you will start to build your future. By telling yourself a bunch of negative thoughts it will slowly start to break you down and turn your reality into a negative realm. However if you just change your mindset into nothing but positive thoughts and affirmations, then a whole new world will start to unravel right before your eyes.

As soon as you realize that you are capable of making your dreams happen by simply thinking about and building them in your mind, your perception on reality will change into something new and positive. As you build your future and think positive, your sub-conscience mind will start to take over and apply action to make your dreams come true.

After I learned about this secret of the mind. I started to apply this rule to my general mind set and thinking. I started to look at everything in the positive and build my dreams very vividly in my mind. By doing this I was trying to build my own future with my thoughts. As I continually and consistently build my future with my thoughts I see daily proof of its workings. It amazes me how big of a difference a simple mindset change can do.

Now, by no means am I saying that pursuing your dreams will be a smooth road. There will be many obstacles that you will have to overcome in order to meet your goals and reach your dreams. What I am saying however is to insure the smoothest road possible you constantly have to be “talking to yourself” and telling yourself that you can accomplish your goals. Focus your mind on your goals and dreams and never steer away, because the only way you will become a failure and not reach your dreams is if you quit before they actually unfold into reality. So my advice is to keep dreaming, keep your mindset positive and never look back. If you start to look back, just get your mind right and think positive because if you continue to look back you will start to fall and live a life full of regrets. Keep dreaming and follow your thoughts my friends. :)


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  1. I love your mind set. I have always believe in this mind concept. As you know it is never a easy journey I have been on this long journey of great experiences good and bad. Bad are the hardest but most learned lessons. I’m so pleased you understand this mind set and that my sons are my inspiration to continue. But your dream will be always be mine also. Stay true to your dreams mine have been fulfilled by your determination to succeed and if your dreams comes before mine, my dream still come true. Love you both Dad

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