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Hands to remember

Sitting by the pool on this beautiful memorial day, May 30, 2011. Sun shining down adding color to my pale skin. The wind blowing and not a cloud in the sky to block the rays. Kids running around enjoying their freedoms while their parents engage in discussion with long time friends. What a beautiful setting for this memorial day, and I remember our soldiers. In the last couple days a friend of mine died over in Afghanistan, and even as a soldier it gets easy to take advantage of our freedoms. Another 5 soldiers i read about just died today in Afghanistan by an ied. While our brothers, sisters, husbands and wives are over seas sacrificing their lives for our freedom, we are on safe soil enjoying cookouts, pools, sunshine and laughter. With this small blog I just want to thank all the soldiers, families, and Americans who have served in our military and represent the word freedom. My heart goes out to the families and friends of our soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their life. Without these brave men and women who knows what our nation would be like, so I extend my thanks. Words could never say enough to show my appreciation, and you soldiers will never be forgotten. You live in air and soil of this great nation. You live in the very fibers and being this nation is built on. You live in your family and friends who know that you gave it all for freedom and the way we live. You live on this memorial day and I salute you soldiers. I salute you for the freedoms you give me for I wouldn’t have them without you.


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