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This is HANDS

Helping all in need donation services; who are they? Some of you out there may be asking this same question, and as a founder of this organization I hope to clear it up in this blog. Founders Brandon Brown, Matthew Blosser, and brothers Christopher and Anthony Paulino have been long time friends. From growing up playing EBA basketball, to riding bikes around the neighborhoods we all grew up together. Each leading different lives that end up with intersecting paths, and that path was to change the world in a positive way. Through working with the organization “Operation Shoebox”, and raising $300 in an hour we quickly saw what we wanted to do with our futures. We wanted to help people. From that day forward the ideas and brain storming of many have been building Helping All in Need Donation Services to its fabrics of today. As we are growing everyday we are constantly adding new elements to the team and are touching more lives. Through our positive movement and influence, we hope to teach people how to live with one another in unity and harmony. Without unity; we believe our nation will crumble and so will the earth. That is why we are making a stand for our generation and for generations to come and leading by example. Our organization does not discriminate and feels that anyone, no matter the past deserves a second chance. We believe that as long as people are given a second chance there is a possibility of change, and that is what satisfies us. This organization isn’t about money or greed. It is about the love for humanity and the act of philanthropy. Its about doing what is right for the simple fact that it is the right thing to do, and we are here to stand for a positive change. We cant do it alone, but together we can make a huge impact on this world. “Through our HANDS we will change the world”.


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