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What is a paracord bracelet?

What is a paracord bracelet? How did the paracord bracelet start? Well first, I will start off by saying that a paracord bracelet is a bracelet that originated in the army. In fact to get even more clear, it was established by the para troopers long ago. How it started was when a paratrooper jumped out of a plane, he needed a way to re rig the parachute after they hit ground, and the paracord bracelet was born. A paracord bracelet is made of parachute cord, also known as 550 cord. The paracord can hold up to 550 lbs which makes the cord very useful in many situations whether you need it in the field, have to rappel down an object, tie up anything, maybe even ripped your shoelaces. Paracord can be used and reused in many different cases, which is why in today’s military a lot of soldiers wear them just in case you get in a bind. I’ve seen bands made of parachute cord by many different people. Bands that were being sold for profit and that’s it. Our paracord bracelet (the Unity Band) is much more meaningful. HANDS’ paracord bracelet is more then just a survival band, or some extra rope that is nice to have handy. Our Unity Band its a symbol of positivity and change. Its a band uniting us for one goal. That goal is a positive change. We put a special meaning behind our parachute bracelets that strives for positive change toward peace and unity.


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