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Thank you, a forgotten word?

It was a hot day at the armory, acu uniform slightly dampened from the continuous flow of perspiration coming from my body. They have me running around pretty much just helping anyone that needed help. I will never forget it, I’m helping this officer of the military (won’t put a name to) move his things into his office, he just got out of school and was just getting put into out unit. So I help him carry a bunch of things into his office from crates of who knows what to his class a uniform. Finally we get down to the last box and I ask nicely “do you need anything else sir?” He replies “no that will be all”. Some of you out there might be reading this previous little story and have no clue why this frustrates me. *This just in* If your reading this and dont see a problem so far please call for help @ 1800 Thank You *now back to your regular broadcast*. Well you know what I’m going to tell you why (thanks maybe thats why your blogging about it). This frustrates me because this “educated officer” of the military, one does not have the smarts as a “leader” of troops to know people won’t follow someone they dont respect. Not showing appreciation = no respect (ask your math teacher they know this formula). Which brings me to my second point, all he needs to say is thank you to earn my respect, instead he loses it….. But why? Does he think his rank qualifies him to not respect lower enlisted? Does his degree make him better then me? Maybe people in general just lost respect in this world. I mean you see it everyday, parents can’t control their kids, young kids having no respect for their elders. Teenagers getting pregnant and doing drugs. Times are crazy, but how do we help change? Lets start by the basics! Thank you, thank you is not just a phrase of appreciation no no no, its much more, its a sign of respect. When you ignore the kind things people do for you by not appreciating and saying thank you to them you ultimataly spit right in their face. I feel is that the only reason you wouldn’t show appreciation towards someone who has just done you a service is because you have a lack of respect. Thank you should ber inn your everyday vocabulary, not in the lost and found section of your vocabulary. When you do a nice act for someone doesn’t it feel good for them to say “thanks you did a great job I appreciate that”. Let me guess, your answer was yes? Of course it was…… who doesn’t want to be appreciated and respected? Survey says? No one! So lets step up to the plate, take a swing, maybe even aim for the fences and lets say thank you. Lets encourage our youth to say it. Lets appreciate and respect everyone because in the end we were all created equal. Such a simple thing has got to change and we can help. What is this world going to come to if we dont? My guess? More of the same things happening right now…. So lets change these horrible times by saying “Thank you” and showing not only your appreciation but your respect as well! Helping all in need donation services challenges you ti extend your hand. “Through our H.A.N.D.S we will change the world”. Read more about saying thank you by Rich Devos in Ten powerful phrases for positive people. A great read!


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