Hello beautiful world, my name is Matthew Blosser, with Helping All In Need Donation Services (H.A.N.D.S.), from Akron, Ohio. I know there are a lot of questions out there on how we can rise above today’s struggling society. I simply believe that we are just human, and most of our intentions are truly good, but with everything on the rise; gas prices, sales tax and inflation, our American dollar does not have the power it used to and the same goes for most of the people of the world. H.A.N.D.S. has a belief that we have all the resources here to live better, smarter, and more at harmony with our beautiful world. Life as we know it, is slowly slipping away from our hands. In America, we are controlled by corporate greed, scandals inside the White House and across the globe. Yes, there is an answer for these questions. We just never had the mindset to believe these things are truly happening. Humanity needs to rise above our differences and realize that faith is our strongest friend. Our day is coming sooner than we even know. Today’s generation has the technology to solve almost every problem known to man. We have the techniques to make better of the bad situations. Today’s society is so smart with new creations on global differences and beliefs that now we all know that we are all created equal and everything you imagine can become a reality with hard work and dedication. All the best have failed hundreds of times before successfully completing their vision. It’s a shame that people will doubt any new creation for the simple fact that they are not aware of a new surrounding. Our current society is filled with negative news and reality TV that does not show reality. How does a group of kids from the jersey shore have more money than us? When all they do is get drunk and party and we work for a living. America rejoice! Lets fight problems that are here close to home we can fix as neighbors with a little help from everyone street by street we have a great chance for victory not defeat.

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