Random Thoughts

You can judge my ink…. Or you can judge my character…..

  My ink well that is a pretty broad subject. I feel as the general public may look at someone like me and think “what a hooligan, look at his sleeve”. But little do they know the I love helping people in need. Something else they probably dont know is that my ink means something to me, it is not just a fad or

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Thanks for your service

As I sit here in my humvee and watch all of my soldiers doing their duties, it makes me think. Countless military veterans are sitting under a bridge in the freezing cold. No blankets, no pillows, no food, etc. How can our government let this happen? Why are the men who put their life on the line for our way of life kicked to

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Poem by Sean Rowe

Come and visit me I’m down at the bottom, letting go of  history like I just caught em, life is a journey I’m goin’ slow on the road, bein’ strong  isn’t how high you stand but how low you can go, I stick  with music like its the only thing I know, its the one place that all my  expressions can be showed, Other

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