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Hands Dream

It feels like yesterday this was just a dream, four friends and I were the only members of the team. No name figured out just an idea to change the planet, we sat around amazed trying to figure out how to handle it. Step by step we executed the plan, somewhere along the road we got the name HANDS. No wall could stop us

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Remembrance: Adam Hamilton you are missed by everyone!

A friend of mine came over today to hang out and while she was coming she had mentioned that Adam Hamilton was killed in action. While I don’t personally know Adam, as a brother in arms I would like to salute him for his service. You truly will be missed by everyone. We have created a memorial album for our soldiers. Check out our

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Thanks for your service

As I sit here in my humvee and watch all of my soldiers doing their duties, it makes me think. Countless military veterans are sitting under a bridge in the freezing cold. No blankets, no pillows, no food, etc. How can our government let this happen? Why are the men who put their life on the line for our way of life kicked to

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