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Helping those in need.

More people need to give a hand to help those in need.

Charity, volunteer hours, helping out at your local goodwill or salvation army. There are so many organizations and charities to give your time to… Why don’t more people do it? Personally giving back to those in need has given me the greatest feelings one can have. ( or atleast thats how i feel). Feeding the hungry around my community as well as helping the guy with the broke down car on the highway, the list goes on. Every where I go I look for someone to help, but it seems as if people now-a-days go out of their way to not help. I don’t understand.

Videos online of people fighting and beating up bums on the streets get millions of hits. Why? Is it amusing to kick someone while they are down? It seems like the golden rule doesn’t apply anymore, and I’m sure some of you reading this are thinking “what is the golden rule?” I arrest my case. But to educate you, the golden rule is “treat others how you want to be treated.” If you were homeless would you find it amusing to have some random person you don’t know come beat you up and then put it on youtube for others entertainment? My guess is probably not, yet I’m sure some of you hit the like button on a familiar video. Kind of hypocritical I would have to say, would you agree? Why not help this person instead, give him some food, some water, and feel good knowing that you did the right thing and made a difference. You know why you don’t help them, BECAUSE YOU ARE SELFISH. Thats right I said it. Yet we all are selfish in a way. I’m selfish in the sense that it feels good to help people. I do it in order to make myself feel good, as well a making someone else feel good. Is that wrong? I bet it wouldnt be wrong if these people in need were your family. If your mother, father, sister or brother were the ones getting beat up then would you hit the like button on youtube? Probably not, it makes me laugh. So many people complain about how messed up this world is from their couch yet never have the balls to do something about it. Why? Is that what you were taught to do? Don’t actions speak louder then words? And if this is the case would a good action be donating to a charity, volenteering your time to a non profit, or as I said earlier feeding your local homeless… I think so! Good deeds are rare in this nation anymore, and if I had to guess I would say 10% of people do the right thing while 90% of people do the wrong thing (this is only a guess, it very well could be less). So what are you going to do about it selfish guy on the couch enjoying your cable tv and internet. Are you going to sit there with your bag of chips and keep adding to out nations obesity problem. Or are you going to get up and contribute to a cause you believe in. My guess is your going to continue to eat your chips… but who am I to judge? I guess my point is, get your lazy but off the couch and give back! The red cross, salvation army, goodwill, make a wish foundation, helping all in need donation services ;) , give to breast cancer, kids in need…shoot idc what the cause, just find one that touches your heart and give back. As mentioned earlier, actions speak louder then words so do something about it! Donate to charity, volunteer your time do something! Because all in all this world is only as good as we make it… Have you helped today?


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